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There are many attractions in Toronto. One of the toronto attractions is Harbourfront. Harbourfront Toronto is a strip of Lakefront land running from the foot of bay st western to roughly Bathurst st. once a run-down district of old warehouses, factories and under used docklands, the area was originally slated for redevelopment, primarily as parkland but with people and arts-oriented halls, theatres, galleries and workshops etc included.
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Although this has happened to some degree, it is now generally acknowledged that construction was allowed to run amok and too much of the waterfront has been blighted by ugly condos.

For visitors, the center of activity is the attractive York quay at 235 queen’s quay, where there’s a tourist information office. Nearby is the du maurier theature and molson place, a covered outdoor concert venue. There’s a performance of some sort happening nearby every night and some presentations are free. For information on harbour front events call 416-973-3000. There are also a couple of nearby restaurants and a place or two for a drink. Boat tours depart from the shore here and many private boaters moor around the area.

Just to the east is the impressive looking queen’s quay terminal, with the green glass top. It’s a refurbished 1927 warehouse containing some interesting specially and gift shops, restaurants, the premier dance theatre and, up above, offices and apartments. Contemporary art is displayed in the power plant, an old power station near queen’s quay.

On weekends the area is popular for a walk along the pier or a browse in the antique and junk market. Try the French fries from one of the many chip wagons. The canoe school rents canoes, which can be used for an enjoyable paddle out around the harbor.

To visit harbour Toronto, first get to union station, the train station on front st, a few blocks north of the lake. The subway will take you this far south. From here, either walk south on York st or take the LRT streetcar which goes south, running along the harbourfront centre area on queens’s quay to Spadina Ave and then returning the same way. Service is continuous through the day and evening. Parking in the area can be a headache and/or costly, so seriously consider public transport. Do not forget to travel in Toronto. Enjoy the information of toronto tourism.

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