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Travel Places to Visit Morrisburg and Upper Canada Village

Information about Morrisburg & Upper Canada Village

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Morrisburg & Upper Canada Village

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Morrisburg Ontario lies west of Cornwall on the St Lawrence River. Despite its small size, it’s known far and wide for its good historic site- Upper Canada Village, the detailed recreation of a country town from the 1860s. About 40 buildings and costumed workers bring the past to life. There’s a blacksmith’s shop, inn and sawmill as well as a working farm, all set by the river.

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You’ll need at least several hours to fully explore the site, which is open from mid May to roughly mid-October. Hours are 9.30 a, to 5 pm. Admission is $13, less for kids and there’s a $30 family rate.
Without transport, the village can be reached aboard buses running between Ottawa and Cornwall and on some buses which follow the Montreal to Toronto route. Many are direct, while others putt along, stopping at the smaller towns en route. Nearby Chryslers Battlefield Park is a memorial to those who died fighting the USA in 1812.

Parks of the St Lawrence, a government agency based in morrisburg, runs Upper Canada Village, the Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary and Fort Henry, as well as many of the campgrounds and parks along the river between Cornwall and Kingston.

Hwy 2 along the river is slower to travel on but provides a more scenic trip than Hwy 401. It’s used by many cyclists. There are numerous provincial parks along the way, especially east of town along the Long Sault Parkway. Going west there is a seaway viewing platform at lroquols.

There are about half a dozen motels in Morrisburg and four campgrounds. Among the latter is the Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary Nature Awareness Campsite. It’s a little different from the average campground and is educational, too. Find it 14 km east of town along Hwy 2. It has about 50 tent sites but few creature comforts. Enjoy the information of Morrisburg on Canada.

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