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Information about Kingston

Tourist spot Kingston

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Canada is the best place for travelers. Natural scenery, geography, culture and travel places are very attractive and beautiful. Now I want to introduce you about kingstons. The kingston ontario Canada is very attractive Place. The Natural scenery of kingston Canada is gorgeous. Anyone can enjoy kingston travel and kingston tourism without any hassle. 

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Kingston (population 138000) is a handsome town that retains much of its past through preservation of many historic buildings and defence structures.
Built strategically where Lake Ontario flows into the St Lawrence River, it is a convenient stopping-off point almost exactly halfway between Montreal and Toronto, and it’s not difficult to spend an interesting and enjoyable day or three in and around town.
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Once a fur-trading depot, Kingstone later became the principal British military post west of Quebec, and was the national capital for a while. The many 19th century buildings of local grey limestone and the streets of red-brick Victorian houses give the downtown area a distinctive charm. The attractive waterfront is also pleasant.

The kingston Ontario city is home to Queen’s University (founded in 1841) and the impressive cathedrals of St George and St Mary. There are also several large prisons.
On Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday a small open-air market takes place downtown, behind City Hall on King St. Do not forget to visit kingston on Canada. Enjoy the kingston news.

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