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Travel Places to Visit Smiths falls

Tourist spot Smiths falls

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Midway along the Rideau canal system, smiths fall makes a good short stop. In addition to several minor sites, it’s a focal point for the many recreational boats using the canal. Smith fall has become has become known as much for the hershery chocolate factory as for its history or its canal location.

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A free tour of the Canadian branch plant of this famous USA chocolate company based in Hershey, Pennsylvania is recommended.
Smiths falls ont isn’t accepted to dive into the undulating vats of liquid chocolate, but you can find out how chocolate bars are created and then start eating (discount prices offered). Smith falls east of the centre on Hershey drive off Hwy 43 East – just follow your nose – and is open every day. Tours are given weekdays only, but you can do it yourself.

The locks can be viewed in the middle of town and the best of the three small historical museums is the Rideau canal museam, in a 19th century mill at 34 beck worth st s exhibits detail the history of the canal. The railway museum at 90 mill st has some rolling stock as well as arte-facts and documents and the heritage house musium reveals the life and times of a wealthy mail owner in the 1870s. Enjoy the information of smiths falls Ontario. Do not forget to visit in smithsfalls.

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