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The attraction of Canada is CN Tower

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CN Tower

The highest free-standing structure in the world, the CN Tower (416-360-8500) has become a symbol and landmark of Toronto. The canada cn tower is in southern end of the city, near the lake, south of Front ST W St. the top antenna was put in place by helicopter, making the tower 533m high. Cn towers primary function is radio and TV communications but up at the top there is a restaurant, a bar and two observation decks. The one outside is windey, naturally, and not for those easily subject to vertigo.

On a good, clear day you can see for about 160 km. on a hazy day, however, you won’t be able to see a thing. At night cntower provides a spectacular view of the city lights.
Cn tower Canada is also worth bearing in mind that during the height of summer you may have to queue for up to two hours – going up and down.

A glass elevator whisks you up the outside of the tower. And for extra thrills there is a glass floor section on the main observation deck – stand on it and sweat!
The cost of a trip up plus entry to the main observation deck is $15 for adults. A better deal is lunch or dinner at the 360 revolving restaurant (416-362-5411), because the elevator ticket price is waived. Lunch prices start at $17, dinner prices at around $25 bit there is no lunch in winter. Sunday brunch is also offered. If you just want a drink in the bar the elevator must be paid for.

The cn tower Toronto is open daily until 10 pm, an hour on Saturday. The time and weather display at ground level is worth a look. At the base of the tower are separate attractions directed toward the young. They include sophisticated simulator rides and a video arcade featuring the latest computer-generated games. CN tower tour may be the best choice for you. Enjoy about cn tower facts.

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