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Most beautiful islands are Toronto Islands

Islands in Canada

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There are many toronto attractions. One of the most popular attractions is toronto island. If you want to travel to Toronto then toronto islands are very suitable for traveling. From the foot of bay st near the westin harbor castle hotel, you can take a 10 minute ferry ride out to the Island Toronto. The three main ones are ward, centre and hanlan’s point. Once mainly residential, the islands in Toronto are largely Public Park and are very pleasant – particularly since there are no cars!

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toronto attractions,toronto island,trip to Toronto,island Toronto,travel to Toronto,toronto weather,in Toronto,toronto islands

Centre island has the most facilities, many summer events and the most people. Boats can be rented, and there is a small animal farm and an amusement area for kids. Beaches line the southern and western shores, and there are two licensed restaurants and some snack bars.

toronto attractions,toronto island

toronto attractions,toronto island,trip to Toronto,island Toronto

Hanlan’s, to the west, is the best beach. You may see some nude sunbathing at hanlan’s south-western end – it’s popular with gay men – but this is illegal, even though the law is only sporadically enforced. Inland from the beach are picnic tables and some barbecue pits. Towards the city, on handling’s point, is a small airport.
Ward Island, the one on the east side, has quite a few houses inhabited all year. There is a small restaurant here for snacks and light lunches out on the lawn.    

A ferry ride is as good as a harbor tour and offers good views of the city. Ferries to the islands run frequently in summer and cost $4 return, less for children and seniors. You can walk around the islands in under two hours. The cool breezes are great on a hot, sticky day, and it’s pretty quite during the week. Cycling along the islands’ boardwalk on the southern shores isn’t a bad way on some of the ferries or rent them on Centre Island.

Because there is a year-round community living on Ward Island, the ferries run through the winter and between Septembers and may service only ward. The other islands can be everything else on the islands is shut tight. Good thing, too, because the winter winds over here is none too hospitable. Toronto weather is favorable for visitors. Do not forget to trip to Toronto. Enjoy it.

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