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Canada Travel Place National aviation museum

Tourist spot National aviation museum

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National aviation museum
National aviation museum,nam

There are many tourist spots in Canada. Most of the travels pots are beautiful and attractive. In this article you can find out the information of the aviation museum of Canada. This aviation museum is a national museum. The museum aviation is really a good architect.
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This collection of over 100 aircraft is housed in a huge triangular building (about the size of four football fields) at Rockcliffe airport (613-993-2010), about 5 km north-east town area, near the river and the Canadian forces base.
See planes ranging from the silver dart of 1909 or the first turbo-powered viscount passenger carrier right through to more recent jets. Peace and wartime planes are equally represented; included is the renowned spitfire. The Cessna crane is the very one your author’s father (Alexander lightbody) trained in for the RCAF.

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At the national aviation, other exhibits include aviation-related video games and audiovisual presentation kids, and it’s free after 5 pm on Thursday. From May to September the musiam is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm (until 9 pm on Thursday). In winter Nam is closed on Mon day (unless it’s a holiday). Call to check on opening hours, through, as they vary with attendance levels and the time of year.

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