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About the tourist spot of Hull

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Across the river in Quebec, hull is as much the other half of Ottawa as it is a spate city. It warrants a visit for more than the Canadian museum of civilization. The Hull Canada has its share of government offices, and workers cross the river in both directions each day, but the hull side remains home to most of the area’s French population. The hull architecture is different, and you’ll find some top restaurants here.
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Promenade du portage or Alexandra Bridge, is the main downtown street. The city hall, known as Maison du Citoyon, is an attention-grabbing, dominating modern building with a 20 m-high glass tower in the centre of town, at 25 Rue Laurier. The hull also contains an art gallery and a mediation centre.

The tourist office for city hull (1-800-265-7822) is at 103 Rue laurier, on the corner of Boulevard St Laurent just over the Alexandra Bridge. It’s open every day, all year. There is also a small tourist information desk in the Maison du Citoyon (819-595-7175) which is open every day in summer, weekdays only the rest of the year. The Ottawa city bus and trolley tours include hull in their circuits. 

Hull is also the main city of the region of Quebec known as Outaouais. The Quebec government has a booklet outlining the region’s attractions and activities, mostly of the outdoor variety. There are some huge parks and reserves within a few hours’ drive of hull. I think you will be happy to know about hull information. However, travel hull and enjoy your time.

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