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The Beautiful Tourist Spot of Bangladesh is Nil Giri

About Nilgiri Travel Spot and Tourist Place

Nilgiri Article Summary
Here you can find out details information about Nilgiri, such as Location, transportation, hotel, cost, nature, culture and other important information. Here you also find out some beautiful pics of Nil Giri.

beautiful pics of NilGiri

beautiful Bpics of Nil Giri

There are many beautiful places in the world. One attractive place is different from other beautiful place. Now, I want to say about that kind of tourist spot and tourist place of the world. It is located in Bangladesh in Asia. I want to tell about Nilgiri. Bangladesh is a very small country but this country is full of beautiful places and attractive tourist spots.
beautiful pics of Nil Ghiri

The Beautiful Tourist Spot of Bangladesh is Nil Giri

About Nil Ghiri Spot Info

This travel spot name is Nilghiri. It is one of the tallest peaks tourist places of Bangladesh. Near about Nilgiri is 3500 feet high. It is in 46km south of Bandarban of Bangladesh. Its culture, nature and living style is very attractive to anyone. You cannot imagine how beautiful this Nilghiri tourist spot. There are many attractions of Nil Ghiri. Here you can see beautiful scenery, nature, culture, smell of weather and taste of life.
Nil Ghiri Pics

Nil Giri Nature Pics

Nil Giri Picture

The Beauty of Nilgiri

There are many travel places in the world. One place is different from other places. Tour loving people want to travel in the gorgeous spots. Traveling is their hobby. Therefore, I want to introduce about a gorgeous spot. Which natural view, trees, hills, undulating and zigzag road will attract you. You can never forget it. The main attraction of this beautiful spot is cloudy. You can touch the cloud. Here Cloud will embrace you. Its feeling is as same as any girl touches you.

pics of NilGiri

The most beautiful pics of Nil Giri
Nil Giri Night Pics

The Nil Giri Pics

Travel Time of Nilgiri

If you want to see this view, you need to come here very early in the morning. If you will late, you cannot see this view. When you ride a mini car for coming here you will see the cloud on both left and right sides. You feel that you are on the cloud. You cannot specify is it cloudy sky or sea. Winter season is the best time for travelling in Nilghiri.

pics of Nil Giri

NilGiri Pics

How to come in Nil Giri

It is very easy to come in Nilgiri. First, you need to come in Bangladesh. Therefore, you will come in Bandarban. You can go there from Bandarban by mini car or C.N.G. From Bandarban to Nilgiri distance is about above 45 km to below 50 km. Up-down C.N.G cost is 2500-3000 BDT.

Nil Giri Pics

Nil Giri Photo

Cost for visiting Nilgiri of Bandarban

If you are a foreigner, you need 10,000-25,000BDT or 150-250 dollar. You can easily spend 3 or 4 days by using this money. I want to suggest you to convert your dollar to BDT or probable it will be hassled for you. From any bank of Bangladesh, you can do it. Banks are available of Bandarban. Some bank names are:
1. Bangladesh Bank
2. Sonali Bank
3. Agrani Bank
5. Jamuna Bank
6. Brac Bank
7. Dutch Bangla Bank
8. AB Bank

Hotels of Bandarban

There are many hotels and restaurants of Bandarban. Normal hotel cost per day and night is about 1000-1500BDT and better hotel and restaurant cost is near about 2500-3500BDT for a day. You can find out by searching the web or follow my link to know about hotels.

Nature Pics

 Beautiful Nature Pics

If you want to come here, you will come in winter season. Only this season you can see this beauty or not. If you see the pics of Nilgiri then you can understand.

This place is safe for you. You do not have any hassle or any problem. Enjoy Nilgiri travel place news.

Nil Giri Image

Nil Giri Beautiful Pics

The World Most Beautiful Pics

Tourist Spot of Bangladesh is Nil Giri


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