Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Skydome of Canada

Information about the Dome

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Skydome of Canada

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Beside the CN Tower at 1 blue jays way this dome-roofed sports stadium opened in 1989 and is best known for its fully retractable roof, the world’s first such facility. The stadium, often referred to as simply the ‘Dome’, is used primarily for professional baseball and football but also stages concerts, trade shows and various other presentations.

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Although far from eye-pleasing from the outside, the interior is strikingly impressive. It can be seen on the one hour tours which are offered every day between 11 am and 3 pm, events permitting.
They’re not cheap at $10. It’s a bit rushed but quite through, offering a look at one of the box suites, the view from the stands and press section, a locker room, a walk on the field and all sorts of informative statistics and tidbits of information. Did you know that eight 747s world fit on the playing field and that the toronto sky dome stadium uses enough electricity to light the province of prince Edward Island?

Another way to see the place is via one of the three restaurants at the skydom stadium, rooms can be rented in the adjacent skydome Toronto hotel, with rooms overlooking the playing field. A cheap seat to a blue jays baseball game is easily the least expensive way to see the sky dome Toronto. Enjoy the information of toronto skydome.

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