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Places to Visit in Mexico City

Best places for travel in Mexico and Mexico City

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Mexico City is one of the most famous and beautiful city. MexicoCity is the largest metropolitan area in the world. Most of the tourist attractions in Mexico City concentrated to the history. I can mention some tourist places for your pleasure such as National Place, Metropolitan Cathedral, Templo Mayor, Palace of Fine Arts, Alameda Park and Plaza de la Constitucion or Zocalo. You need to know one question’s answer and it is - which travel place is the best place for your traveling? The answer is not so much simple but I can mention you about the Fine Arts and Plaza Garibaldi.

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If you think about the beautiful nature, nice culture and bountiful history then you must think about mexico cities. Actually there are many good looking tourist places. Natural scenery, geography, environment, politics, health, economy, demographics, landmark, transportation, culture, music-theater-entertainment, cuisine, sports, education, media, shopping market and amusement parks and recreation are very enjoyable and interesting. It’s like an ideal theme. Everything is going to be ok. 

Places to Visit in Mexico City

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If you are a Mexican then you not need to waste your time to read this but if you are not a Mexican then you can read this to enrich your favorite places like your past favorite visited places. It is one of the World Heritage Places.
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Some Important Information about Mexico City

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Mexico City is the Federal District, capital of Mexico and seat of the federal powers of the Mexican Union. It is a federal entity within Mexico which is not part of any one of the 31 Mexican states but belongs to the federation as a whole.
Population: 8,864,370 (2012)
Elevation: 2,420 m
Area: 1,485 km²
Founded: August 13, 1521
Weather: 15°C, Wind SE at 11 km/h, 36% Humidity
Location: Mexico, North America

Enjoy the beautiful pics of Mexico Citys and do not forget to visit in Mexico.

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