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The Chichen Itza facts

There are many tourist spots in the Chicken Itza. You can find out here some of the tourist place information in the below. You might also like:

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The Chichen Itza facts,facts of chicken itza,mexico

The Pyramid of Kukulcan or El Castillo: The most famous landmark of Chichen Itza. This was a temple-pyramid dedicated to the Feathered Serpent God, Kukulcan. It is nicknamed "The Castle". Sculptures of the Feathered Serpents run down the sides of the northern staircase, and are set off by shadows from the corner tiers on the spring and fall equinox. (As of January 2006, you can no longer climb El Castillo.)

Interior Temple: The Maya would often build newer bigger temple-pyramids atop older ones. Archaeologists have constructed tunnels allowing a view of the earlier temple of Kukulcan inside the later one.
Go in the door at the foot of the north stairway, and you can go up a steep interior stairway up to the room on the top where you can see King Kukulcan's Jaguar Throne, carved of stone and painted red with jade spots. It is an impressive sight, but the climb up the narrow interior passageway may be too much for those with some claustrophobia. Note to those travelling to Chichen-Itza post March 2006: You are no longer able to climb the steps to the top of the most of the monuments. These areas have been roped off due to erosion and destruction of some of the sacred monuments.

Temple of the Warriors: (As of January 2006, you can no longer climb the Temple of the Warriors)

Great Ballcourt: There are 7 courts for playing the Mesoamerican ballgame at Chichen Itza. This one is by far the largest and most impressive, not just at the site but in all of ancient Mesoamerica.

Temple of the Jaguars: Attached to the ballcourt complex, with stone jaguar, feathered serpent columns, and murals inside.

Sweatbaths: There are many Zumbul che structures found in both Chichen Itza and Old Chichen sites. These Maya sweatbaths played an important rule in ancient Maya spiritual traditions as places to purify the mind, body, and emotions, thus getting in touch with one´s pure spiritual energy.

El Caracol - circular temple on a rectangular platform, also sacred to Kukulcan, served as an astronomical observatory.

High Priest's Grave - a smaller version of the "Castillo" served as a tomb for one of the city's rulers.

The Nunnery Complex - Chichen Itza's royal palace back before the arrival of the Toltecs.

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