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Copper Canyon Travel Place Information

The most beautiful travel place is copper canyons

Copper Canyon Travel Place Information,copper canyon,mexiko

The most beautiful travel place is copper canyons,canyon,mesiko,images

One of the best tourist spots in the world is Mexico. Different types of beauty of nature, beautiful location, culture, travel spot and tradition are very different and enjoyable. Actually you can find out in the Mexico different types of variations. For this reason, probably Mexico is one of the best tourist attractions in the world.

If you think about the beautiful nature, nice culture and bountiful history then you must think about canyon copper. Actually there are many good looking tourist places. Natural scenery, geography, environment, politics, health, economy, demographics, landmark, transportation, culture, music-theater-entertainment, cuisine, sports, education, media, shopping market and amusement parks and recreation are very enjoyable and interesting.

Copper Canyon (Spanish: Barranca del Cobre) is a canyon system in the Sierra Tarahumara in the southwestern part of the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. The system of canyons here is larger and deeper than the Grand Canyon in the neighboring United States, although the Grand Canyon is larger overall than any of the individual canyons of the Copper Canyon system. Though the area would be Mexico's star national park, it thus far has no official status as a park as efforts to make it so have been hampered by disagreements between loggers and the native Raramuri.

It's been a long but very worthwhile journey. You've reached the heart of the Tarahumara Mountains in the northeast corner of Chihuahua State and find yourself standing atop the majestic heights known as Las Barrancas del Cobre (Copper Canyon), a name that derives from the stunning greenish copper hue of the canyon walls. Spanning a total length of 59,545 km. (37,000 miles), these canyons are longer and deeper than the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Their mighty walls conceal remarkable legends, traditions and surprises.

One such surprise awaits you in the vibrant community of the Raramuris or Tarahumaras, where indigenous people have made the canyons their home for centuries and their lives are intertwined with the mountains. Living in this remote region, their way of life has largely been preserved. Quite understandably they are famous for their endurance in long-distance running. They are known to travel long vertical distances, often running nonstop for hours. Some of these communities receive government funding to build roads, restaurants and accommodation and are happy to welcome visitors; others prefer to live in isolated areas as far as possible from urban life. Enjoy the news of canyon mexico and do not forget to visit cooper Canyon.

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