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Places to visit in Union Square

Information about Union Square

Union Square is one of the tourist attractions of United States of America. Here you can get the details traveling information of Union Square such as attraction, natural beauty and other necessary information.

Union Square is a 2.6-acre (1.1 ha) public plaza bordered by Geary, Powell, Post and Stockton Streets in San Francisco, California. "Union Square" also refers to the central shopping, hotel, and theater district that surrounds the plaza for several blocks. The area got its name because it was once used for rallies and support for the Union Army during the American Civil War, earning its designation as a California Historical Landmark.

Union square,Unionsquare,San Francisco

Union square,Unionsquare,San Francisco, u square

Today, this one-block plaza and surrounding area is one of the largest collections of department stores, upscale boutiques, gift shops, art galleries, and beauty salons in the United States, making Union Square a major tourist destination, a vital, cosmopolitan gathering place in downtown San Francisco, and one of the world's premier shopping districts. Grand hotels and small inns, as well as repertory, off-Broadway, and single-act theaters also contribute to the area's dynamic, 24-hour character.

Surrounded by upscale hotels, UnionSquare is one of the largest shopping areas in the U.S. and is home to some of the nation's finest department stores, malls and specialty stores. The biggest names in retail and the ladies who lunch make Union Square anything but square. Virtually every fashion label in the world has set up shop in and around Union Square, a landmark park in the heart of the downtown shopping and hotel district.

Granite plazas, a stage, a café and four grand entrance corner plazas bordered by the park's signature palms, pay tribute to the Square's distinctive history and offer a forum for civic celebrations. The cable cars head up Powell Street from here and flowerstands brighten corners. Thousands originally from Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam have given the Tenderloin, a 20-square-block district west of Union Square new life. A landmark church, an experimental theatre house, jazz and blues clubs, restaurants and cafes point to a neighborhood renaissance.

Its trip, tourism, culture, nature, geology and other things are very much attractive. Anyone can enjoy this place if he or she visits this place. There are a lot of travel destinations here. You cannot understand if you do not come to visit this place. Natural beauty is the main attraction of San Francisco. Enjoy top news of the travel destinations of US and do not forget travelling to Union Square of San Francisco. You can also like

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