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Touristspot is Salt Lake Temple

The most beautiful church is Mormon Church

bountiful temple

mormon temple pics

There are many tourist attractions in the world like Singapore, Thailand and Bangkok. People are like traveling in their nearly located area. However, a few people are different from others. Actually, they are the real tourist lover or nature lover. At this time, tourist and travels are one kind hobby.

mormon temple pictures

World Top Travel Place is Salt Lake Temple

pictures of the salt lake temple

images of salt lake temple

By the way, I want to inform about the USA. That means world famous and popular travel places in the America. Now specifically I want to mention about Salt Lake Temple. The temple salt lake is situated in North America. The city salt lake is very nice place for travelling. The salt lake city temples are about 10 acres. The slc temple is one kind of Buddhist temple. You can find out in the salt lake city utah temple different types of symbolic adornments. The salt lake city temple is known as the mormon church. The mormon temple was made between 1853 and 1893. They were spending about forty years to build m temple.

salt lake city images

USA Tourist Spot is Mormon Temple

salt lake city temple pictures

salt lake temple images

There are many attractions in SL Temple. The Salt lake church is the main attraction of salt lake temples. The salt lake churches are very fine and nice to see. In the USA, you can find out many temples but saltlake is the largest and well known of more than one hundred and thirty saltlakes. The nature and environment are very beautiful of the mormon temples. The Salt Lake Transport system is very well and beautiful.

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Salt Lake Location

It is located in the United States of America.
Address salt lake city- 50 East North Temple Street, Salt Lake City, UT
Salt Lake Phone- (801) 240-1000

Enjoy the touristspot news of Temple. Do not forget to go this bountiful temple.
salt lake temple photos

salt lake temple picture

salt lake temple pictures

Touristspot is Salt Lake Temple


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